About Us

About Us

We Are Leading Steel Company In The World

As one of the top steel companies in the world, Wanzhi Steel has sold more than 500 thousand tons of steel products till now. 

By 2023, the group company’s average annual revenue will be 800 million yuan, of which the international business department’s export sales will account for 60%, with an average annual export of 100,000 tons and an annual export volume of 500 million yuan. It will serve 200 medium-sized and above manufacturing companies, and engineering There are 300 dealers and contractors, and more than 2,000 dealers and circulation companies. The products are distributed in more than 100 major countries around the world, occupying the first echelon of regional market brand influence in many countries.

Company Staffs

Up till now, Wanzhi has nearly 500 staffs on work.

History Emphasis

With 20 years of development, Wanzhi Steel gradually became one of top steel companies.

Economic Outcomes

By 2023, the group company's average annual revenue will be 800 million yuan.


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Committed To Provide Clients With Best Products

Wanzhi provides professional solutions for our clients and is committed to guaranteeing the interests of clients.


We Follow Best Practices

We are committed to giving our clients the best experience in purchasing in Wanzhi.

Trust and Worth

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