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Super full steel plate cutting operation process, Wanzhi steel plate manufacturers for you

2021-04-10 09:04:57

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The convenience brought by steel plate cutting technology is applied in all aspects of life. From a large perspective, all kinds of construction projects cannot do without steel plate cutting, such as the construction of houses and bridges, the production and manufacture of aircraft and ships and military products; from a small perspective, many of people's daily necessities have experienced steel plate cutting, such as stainless steel kettle, water cup, pots and pans Automobile and electric vehicle parts, etc. With the rapid development of social economy, some vendors saw business opportunities, two or three people started a company, started a steel business, they do not have professional equipment, but under the banner of production and processing. If customers give orders to those second-class and third class small workshops, there is no security at all. Even if at last you realize that you have been cheated, they will not be able to find anyone. In the end, they will lose money and delay the use.

 Wanzhi Steel Group's Wanzhi steel plate cutting and processing plant has a good reputation for more than 20 years. It has its own processing plant, more than 10 large-scale equipment such as advanced CNC cutting machines, plate shears and bending machines, and more than 200 senior engineers, technicians and technicians. All the personnel in the plant are trained by the main backbone of the former national large-scale enterprises and the enterprise It is composed of the backbone of the elite. Wanzhi steel plate and Wanzhi support are the core businesses of Wanzhi group's strategic industrial chain. Firm industrial development strategy and large-scale enterprises are the solid foundation to ensure our integrity and quality operation.

Wanzhi always adheres to the business concept of "we are not Wanzhi employees, but customer purchasers", and makes every effort to ensure that customers can enjoy high-quality service and reliable products. Today, Wanzhi steel technology team will explain the operation process of CNC cutting machine in steel plate cutting.


1) This type of work belongs to a special type of work, and the operator must hold the work permit issued by the labor bureau.

2) No irrelevant personnel are allowed to enter or press the key without permission, so as to avoid damaging the machine or program and data loss.

3) Strong earthquake sources should be avoided around the equipment.

4) When moving the equipment, attention should be paid not to decoupling or forward impact, and no part of the machine including the guide rail can be impacted. 5) The power source line of the equipment shall be used separately with AC voltage stabilizing device.

6) Ventilation or gas replacement and cutting nozzle cleaning must be carried out in accordance with the relevant dangerous gas safety operation procedures.

7) The operator is not allowed to transfer the external program into the machine memory at will to prevent virus. Only the special software approved by the factory is needed.

Before operation

1) Check all gas pipes and valves to ensure no leakage, and check whether the gas safety device is effective.

2) Check whether the inlet pressure of supplied gas meets the specified requirements.

3) Check whether the supply voltage meets the requirements.

During construction

 1) Adjust the cut steel plate and keep it parallel to the track as far as possible.

2) According to different plate thickness and material, reset the cutting speed and preheating time in the machine, and set the reasonable pressure of preheating oxygen and cutting oxygen.

3) No one is allowed to touch the flame area after ignition. The operator should take the cutting method of small splash as far as possible to protect the cutting nozzle.

4) Check the heating flame and cutting oxygen jet. If the cutting nozzle is dirty or damaged, it should be replaced and cleaned in time. The cleaning cutting nozzle shall be cleaned with special tools.

5) In case of backfire in the cutting process, pay attention to the operation status of the equipment in time. In case of any abnormal situation, such as smell of gas and other peculiar smell, press the emergency stop switch and push out the working position in time. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine and leave the site.

6) The operator should pay attention to that after cutting a workpiece, the cutting torch should be lifted back to its original position, and when running to the next station, the cutting should be carried out.

7) The operator should select the cutting speed according to the given cutting elements, not only increase the equipment load for the sake of improving the work efficiency, but also deal with the relationship between the equipment life and efficiency and environmental protection.

8) When the bridge crane is in operation, it is not allowed to pass over the equipment.

After use

1) The equipment should return to the protection position and close the air valve. The residual gas in the pipe should be exhausted and the power should be turned off.

2) The attached special tools shall be counted and recycled.

3) In order to implement the system of shift handover, the operation status of the equipment on duty should be recorded.

4) The site shall be cleaned carefully to keep the working area clean and orderly.

Only by formulating and strictly abiding by professional production rules and regulations can we produce high-quality products and ensure production safety. Wanzhi steel plate cutting business always keeps this in mind, with high-end plant equipment, advanced production technology, strict quality inspection standards, to ensure that customers can use reliable steel plate products.

If you have steel plate cutting processing needs, please contact Wanzhi group, we will be the most meticulous service to answer any of your questions!

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