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What Is GL

Galvalume is a coating containing zinc, aluminum, and silicon that is used to prevent a metal (primarily steel) from oxidation. It is similar to galvanizing in that it is a sacrificial metal coating that protects the base metal.

The surface of the galvanized steel plate has a unique smooth, flat and gorgeous star flower, and the base color is silver-white. The special coating structure gives it excellent corrosion resistance. The normal service life of galvanized sheet can reach 25 years. It has good heat resistance and can be used in high temperature environments of 315°C. The coating has good adhesion to the paint film and has good processing performance, and can be stamped, sheared, welded, etc.; Surface conductivity is very good.

GL Coil

GL coil

High Quality GL Coil

The coating composition consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon by weight. The production process of galvalume-coated steel sheets is similar to that of galvanized steel sheets and aluminum-coated sheets, and is a continuous molten coating process. Galvalume steel sheets with 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coating have superior corrosion resistance compared to galvanized steel sheets of the same thickness when both sides are exposed to the same environment. The galvanized steel plate with 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coating not only has good corrosion resistance, but also the color-coated product has excellent adhesion and flexibility.

GL Specification

GL Products Parameters
DX51D+AZ, DX52D+AZ, DX53D+AZ, S220GD-S550GD
Al-Zn Coating
0.13 mm-1.2 mm
600-1,250 mm
Coil Weight
3-8 tons or as per your requirements
Aluminum Content
Standard Export Package

GL Applications

Construction: roofs, walls, garages, soundproof walls, pipes, modular homes, etc.

Automobiles: mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper accessories, fuel tanks, truck boxes, etc.

Home appliances: refrigerator back panels, gas stoves, air conditioners, electronic microwave ovens, LCD frames, CRT explosion-proof belts, LED backlights, electrical cabinets, etc.

Agricultural uses: pig houses, chicken houses, granaries, greenhouse pipes, etc.
Others: Thermal insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, water heater, etc.

Difference Between GI And GL

The difference between galvalume and galvanized sheets mainly lies in the difference in coating. A layer of zinc material is evenly distributed on the surface of the galvanized sheet, which plays an anode protection role for the base material, that is to say, the zinc material provides alternative corrosion protection. Without the use of the base material, only when all the zinc has corroded can the base material inside be harmed.

The surface coating of galvalume plate is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and a small amount of other elements. Microscopically, the surface of galvanized zinc coating has a honeycomb structure, and the “honeycomb” composed of aluminum contains zinc. In this case, although the galvanized coating also plays the role of anode protection, on the one hand due to the reduction in zinc content and on the other hand because the zinc material is wrapped in aluminum and is not easily electrolyzed, the role of anode protection is greatly reduced. Therefore, once aluminized When a zinc plate is cut, it will rust quickly when the cut edges are basically unprotected. Therefore, the galvanized plate should be cut as little as possible. Once cut, anti-rust paint or zinc-rich paint should be used to protect the edge before it can be used. The service life of the panels is extended.

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