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The operation method of color coating coil material is briefly introduced

2021-02-28 14:59:20

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After purchasing the color coating coil material, we need to work on the outer layer of the building. Here we will briefly introduce the operation method of color coated coils.

1, transport color tile, layer and layer should be separated with plastic film complex, in order to prevent relative resistance and cause wear.

2, color tile production and processing of the working temperature should be about 7℃; According to the thickness of the painted plate to adjust the clearance of the production and processing drum system, and eliminate the dirt on the surface of the drum and the plate; Check the two sides of the color coating board together whether there is no paint off, such as paint off, should find out the reason and take effective measures again after production and processing.

3, the whole process of lifting and transportation, avoid the damage of paint layer, surface environmental pollution and impact, etc.

4, in the whole process of storage, transportation and use should eliminate acid, alkali, salt, solvent and other corrosive chemical substances; In order to prevent rain, dew, also can not soak or mix mud.

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