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Color-coated rolls have good corrosion resistance and are widely used

2021-03-12 15:03:52

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Author:   Wanzhi

Color coated roll is widely used in the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, home decoration industry and other industries, not only beautiful and generous, save resources, can avoid environmental pollution, but also has excellent anti-corrosion performance.

However, in different regions and different application locations, the same amount of hot dip galvanizing, the same architectural coating, the same thickness of colorful coating plate, the use of its life will be quite different. For example, in industrial parks or coastal cities, due to the effects of nitrogen dioxide vapors or salts in the gas, the erosion rate is accelerated and the service life is jeopardized. When it is rainy, the coating is wet by precipitation for a long time, or when the temperature difference between day and night is too large and easy to condensate water, it is rapidly eroded, and the service life will be reduced. The housing construction or industrial plant manufactured with the color coating roll is often subjected to the precipitation cleaning when the use period is longer, otherwise, because of the effect of nitrogen dioxide vapor, salt and dust and harm the application. Therefore, in the design scheme, if the roof slope is greater, the more difficult to accumulate dust and other wastes, the longer the service life; For those areas or locations that are not often washed by precipitation, tap water should be cleaned quarterly.

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