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Why does the color coating board appear paint explosion phenomenon

2021-01-13 15:14:16

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Author:   Wanzhi

1. Passivation solution should be added first and then water should be added. Because of the density of the passivation solution, such as the density of the passivation solution is higher than that of water, it will cause uneven mixing of raw materials, and there will be poor adhesion between the passivation layer and the substrate, which is very easy to cause the surface of the color coated plate to explode.

2. There is a passivation plate temperature production process is 2 hours to check once, the reason is that the staff of the color coated plate manufacturer does not track the passivation plate temperature regularly when checking. Especially in winter, the temperature change is relatively large within 2 hours, which will eventually cause the aging of the color coated plate, and the phenomenon of scratching off the paint will occur when the pressure is pressed.

3. In the process of production of color coated plate, there is dust on the export inspection mirror, and there is dust on some rollers. The dust will directly affect the surface quality of the color coated plate.

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