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Zinc flower formation method of color coated plate

2021-04-15 13:21:31

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First of all, we must understand what is zinc flower, zinc flower is the steel plate in the hot dip coating surface in the solidification of the coating metal crystal pattern. After understanding what is zinc flower into the topic of this article, this article mainly discusses the formation of zinc flower, together to understand it.

1, water spraying: pure zinc solution on the surface of galvanized colored coated sheet does not solidify, caused by the nucleation of fine water mist (water and steam or a mixture of water and air). The unsolidified liquid zinc diffuses to form zinc flowers.

2. Surface blow molding method: when the pure zinc layer on the printed color galvanized sheet is about to solidify, if the zinc crystal can grow smoothly through the surface through the steam flow or the sulfur dioxide flow, the larger pattern can be obtained. The method can also form a dense oxide film and improve the corrosion resistance of the zinc coating.

3, screen method: this method is only applicable to galvanized sheet, used for steel wire mesh and zinc layer surface and magnetic roller contact, to achieve this purpose. Because the contact part of the steel mesh joint cools first, the solid particles in the junction form the crystal nucleus first. The crystal nucleus of the other unsolidified zinc liquid begins to expand outward, forming a zinc flower.

The production of zinc flower is related to the quality of finished products. Various factors should be taken into consideration when making large zinc flower on printed color coated cloth paper.

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