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Six factors that affect the color difference of color coated plate

2021-04-01 15:24:03

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Colour coated plate has been very widely used in the construction industry, but sometimes color problem of color coated plate will reduce the use of users, so that manufacturers cause losses. Let's take a look at six factors affecting color color of color coated plate.

Factors influencing color difference of color coated board are: coating, substrate, chemical coating treatment, film thickness, PMT and cooling water, etc. Specific as follows:

A, coating

Due to uneven coating mixing or different barrel coating viscosity difference, coating in the tray from the inlet side to the direction of the reflux mouth extension, color difference. In addition, the replacement of paint color, especially the color contrast of two large colors, will be due to cleaning is not clean, resulting in color difference.

Second, the substrate

Different sizes of zinc flowers on the substrate will also affect the chromatic aberration, and many small pits of different sizes will be formed at the grain boundary, which will affect the chromatic aberration on the plate. For light color, color difference is particularly obvious, it is best to choose no zinc flower or small zinc flower substrate.

Three, chemical coating treatment

Improper coating process, resulting in coating film is too thick, drying will make the plate temperature is insufficient. If the coating roller is injured, it will form yellow patches after drying, resulting in color difference of the coating plate, especially obvious light color.

Fourth, film thickness

The stability of film thickness has great influence on color aberration of color coated plate. The adjustment methods of film thickness mainly include: coating viscosity, adjusting the gap between adhesive roller and coating roller of roller coating machine, changing the speed of coating roller and adhesive roller, adjusting the pressure between coating roller and strip supporting roller, etc.

Five, the PMT

PMT represents the peak temperature required for the strip when the coating is fully cured. The stability of PMT has great influence on the color aberration of color coated plate. The variation of strip steel specification will cause the variation of PMT, the high or low local temperature will affect the variation of PMT, the uneven substrate thickness will cause the variation of PMT, the seasonal change of furnace temperature will also cause the variation of PMT.

Six, cooling water

Atomization cooling, cooling water is not replaced in time, when the volatile organic solvent in the furnace gas is cooled and condensed down, with the cooling water is brought to the surface of the board, after the extrusion of the dry roller, the color difference is caused on the surface of the board. In production, the cooling water should be properly maintained overflow, so that the condensed volatiles can be removed in time to avoid the color difference on the board.

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