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The actual butt welding production process of straight seam welded steel pipes

2021-05-10 14:22:38

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Longitudinal welded steel pipes are widely used in many situations and industries. This is closely related to its characteristics and characteristics. Although the longitudinally welded steel pipe has excellent characteristics, it is very easy to rust. To put it bluntly, the rust is caused by its own longitudinally welded steel pipe and many chemical substances in the air. The chemical change of the rust has produced new chemical substances. If it is rusted, it will not be able to complete all normal functions and reflect its intact characteristics. Therefore, as long as it is rusted, it is necessary to carry out the relevant anti-rust treatment! Straight seam Welded steel pipes are often rusty. What are the common reasons? We combine his physical characteristics to analyze; the processing technology of butt welding of longitudinally welded steel pipe generator sets is beneficial to uncoiling, pinching, straightening, and cutting. The whole process of cutting, guiding, butt welding, looper, and pairing can be said to be complicated.

The actual butt welding production process is:

1. After the coil is well and accurately positioned, the upper and lower cones of the uncoiler can be inserted into the coil and rotate to send the lead to the pinch roller, the upper roller of the pinch roller is pressed down, the coil car and the magnetic roller You can return to the origin.

2. In order to better allow the spring steel belt to be accurately centered, the overall shaft diameter of the uncoiler can be moved +150mm before operation. After running the uncoiler, the hot-rolled steel strip arrives at the straightening machine equipped with a dust removal device according to the pinch roll.

3. The straightened spring steel strip uses telescopic hydraulic shears to cut the head and tail of the hot-rolled strip (cutting the hot-rolled strip head can immediately slide into the waste bin, and the cut hot-rolled strip The tail can be collected in the special asphalt mixture bins on both sides of the line with the output device).

The production process of straight seam welded steel pipe is simple, the production is high efficiency, low cost, and the development trend is relatively fast. The compressive strength of flat stainless steel round pipes is generally higher than that of straight seam welded steel pipes. Smaller blanks can be used to produce large welded steel pipes, and the same total width of blanks can be used to produce different welded steel pipes. . However, compared with the straight seam pipe of the same length, the welding length is increased by 30-100%, and the production rate is lower. Large diameter or thick welded steel pipes are generally made immediately with steel blanks, while small welded steel pipes and thick-wall welded steel pipes must be welded immediately according to nylon tape.

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