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Why do you need a cutting edge when working with angle steel?

2021-05-10 14:30:39

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Author:   Wanzhi

In view of some conditions in the operation process, the equilateral angle steel needs to be designed in the cutting edge. The design of the equilateral angle steel cutting edge is based on the finished hole pattern of the equilateral angle steel, so that the design is easy to come out during the cutting process. The following exceptions are listed below: First, the two shoulders of the equilateral angle steel are relatively thick compared with other departments, and the required shearing force is also larger. The shear blade wears faster, and the shear blade has been operated for a period of time.

The corresponding amount of wear in this department is large, resulting in a large shoulder gap, and the signs of collapsed shoulders are easy to appear; the second is the comparison of the legs and waist of the equilateral angle steel. In view of the infection of the cutting angle, when the cutting blade is worn, the cutting When cutting the two legs, the amount of shearing is reduced, and the leg shears are torn by frequent shearing. The end of the equilateral angle steel leg is very easy to get burrs.

Third, the slope of the upper and lower shearing blade legs and the finished hole pattern of the equilateral angle steel are the same, so the leg roots are stressed at the same time during shearing, the shearing force is larger, and the shearing blade wears faster. On the one hand, the leg ends Shearing indentation remains. On the other hand, after the cutting blade is aging, it is easy to show signs of tearing and more burrs in the shearing department of the equilateral angle. The latter two points are the primary cause of infection that affects the shear quality of the equilateral angle. The recommendation gives us a basic understanding of the cutting edge design of equilateral angle steel, and hope to help the master to further understand equilateral angle steel.

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