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Promoting green layout, Chinese steel makes the world a better place

2021-05-06 20:44:39

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Author:   Wanzhi

As a basic industry of national economy, iron and steel industry is an important symbol to measure the comprehensive national strength and the degree of industrialization of a country. It is one of the most hardcore manufacturing industries. During the decade from 2011 to 2020, the annual growth rate of domestic manufacturing added value and crude steel output was 7.9% and 5.1%, respectively, which supported the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.

"From the development characteristics of China's steel industry, Chinese steel has made the world a better place, mainly reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, it provides important infrastructure materials and functional materials for the improvement of people's quality of life; On the other hand, it is leading the green revolution of the world's steel, implementing the world's most stringent environmental emission standards, creating a global low-carbon development model for the steel industry, and actively practicing low-carbon smelting technologies such as hydrogen metallurgy." Chief engineer li xinchuang metallurgy industry planning institute in the recently held "2021 (12) the development of Chinese steel BBS" that since 2000, the planning institute of metallurgy industry sustainable development in view of the low carbon industry "hot coke difficult problem for special research, fully involved in the steel industry in recent years a series of major field of low carbon policy, standards and cutting-edge technology to track work. At present, entrusted by the relevant ministries and commissions, the steel industry is carrying out a carbon peak and carbon reduction action plan research, the preparation of the "steel industry carbon peak and carbon reduction action plan".

We will accelerate the building of a new pattern of double-cycle development

In 2020, the domestic steel market demand is strong, the super-large internal circulation market provides a strong support for the development of the steel industry, steel production and operation to maintain a high and stable operation situation.

Li Xinchuang told China Economic Herald that the steel industry should accelerate the construction of a new development pattern from the following five aspects: First, to form a new balance between supply and demand. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we will continue to focus on supply-side structural reform and development. At the same time, we need to appropriately adjust policies and create new demand, so as to achieve a higher level and higher quality balance between supply and demand in line with the goal of reaching a carbon peak and being carbon neutral. Second, we will promote new technological progress. Strengthen the dominant position of innovation, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, expand the socialized channels of innovation input, build various forms of scientific and technological financial cooperation platforms, attract more social capital to participate in the innovation and development of the steel industry, and stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole industry. Third, we will forge a new industrial landscape. We should accelerate the pace of merger and reorganization, build an industrial structure featuring division of labor, cooperation, effective competition and common development, build superior enterprise groups at different levels, and cultivate leading enterprises with global influence, regional appeal and professional influence. Fourth, build a secure supply chain. We will unswervingly implement the internationalization strategy, accelerate the establishment of a long-term, stable and diversified iron ore supply guarantee system, and realize the security and stability of resource supply. Fifth, we need to build a prosperous ecosystem. Promote the integrated development of steel industry, upstream and downstream industries and supporting service industries, and create a healthy, stable, orderly and prosperous steel ecosystem; At the same time, we need to build global cooperation on production capacity.

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